I'm a Birmingham-based family photographer, born and raised in Georgia. I developed my skill and love for photography while I lived as a resident in Brazil for almost 12 years. (I know, crazy, right?!) After a beautifully messy chain of events, I ended up in Alabama with the loves of my life, my husband and two boys. 

So, what's your story? I would love to help you tell it through my lens. We ALL have beautifully messy stories. As chaotic as it may feel sometimes, we long to remember the details that are most endearing and bring us the most joy. Being a mother to small children, I know how important it is to capture those sweet expressions, those snuggles, and the laughter shared between you.

Simple, authentic, photography. That's my goal. Always. I want the truth of who you are to shine through. My aim is to make it seem more like a family outing, or that you just had me over for a visit than an overwhelming task, whether we are at one of Birmingham's amazing parks or in the comfort of your own home. 

Enough about me. I want to know about you! Let's connect. You can click on the Contact button (above), friend me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram (links below). Can't wait to hear from you!