Spring Session at the Gardens | Birmingham Botanical Gardens | Mountain Brook, AL

Birmingham, Alabama is not at a loss for parks and beautiful scenery. When this gorgeous family asked me to photograph them at the Botanical Gardens, I wasn't fully prepared for what I would see. I don't think the kids were either. It was just magical. So many flowers and blossoming trees to take in all at once. It almost felt like a dream.

My favorite part was watching it through the eyes of the children. There was so much to see, one bright color after the next, always one more path to explore. We made the most of it and I tried not to pressure the kids too much to be still because I didn't want to squelch their curiosity. Yes, there were times when treats came out for certain poses or captures. (Pavlov was right! Hee, hee.) But, for the most part it was following them and capturing them navigating their way around the grounds.

This session really made me stop and think. I'm not sure what happens between childhood and adulthood, but I think we fear being our true selves in the face of so much beauty. Sweet little Sadie couldn't contain herself as she ran from one flower to the next, literally breathing in everything about them. I want to live like that. Unabashed and free to enjoy what I delight in most. When she did this, I never thought for a moment it was silly. The opposite happened. I wanted to capture that moment and preserve it forever. Maybe if we weren't so concerned about what others thought, we too would savor more moments like little children and actually take in the beauty before us. 

Here are the highlights from the session. Gah! I can't get enough.