Baby Reid In-Home Newborn Session | Newborn Photography | Central Georgia

Like any story of our lives, God is intricately weaving a work behind the scenes, one we will never fully understand until we see Him face to face. We get glimpses of it in the threads He reveals to us, while others remain a mystery.

This is no different with my sister and her beautiful new son, Reid. She and her husband had always had the desire to adopt, but were still unsure of the timing. It was glaringly obvious that my sister was in the right spot at the exact time so she could hear of a baby who would be born in the coming months. His biological mom was making the incredibly hard and brave decision to entrust him to a family she barely knew. As the process unfurled, the Lord kept leading and prodding to move forward. 

Sweet baby Reid was born in early March. As my sister retold the story of how his birth mom laid him in her arms, tears welled up in my eyes. What a moment of inexplicable grief on one end running into inexplicable joy on the other. As I have watched this story unfold, I am reminded of the verse that says, "But you see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand...You are the helper of the fatherless" Ps 10:14. I have been so challenged by my sister and her husband's commitment to care for the fatherless and truly see the trouble of the afflicted. 

I can't wait to see how this story continues to be told through Reid's life with them, his forever family. So much joy and laughter had already filled their home. I can only imagine it multiplied by two more feet pit pattering along and growing within those walls.

I was so privileged to get to photograph their newborn session. May these images remind us all of the Father's love over us and His joy in calling us His own.