Rodriguez Family Session | Hillsboro Walking Trail | Helena, AL

I was so excited when Amanda asked me to do portraits for her family. It just so happened both sides of the family were in town for our mini session on the Hillsboro walking trail. I loved the challenge of getting as many shots in as I could in our time frame. Dad, who is Argentinian,  was on a strict schedule because of the Copa America games. The only other county I know that is as fanatical about their soccer as Brazil is Argentina. (They are also happen to be chief rivals.) They were playing right after the session and Dad did not want to miss. Don't ever try to come between an Argentinian and his soccer. Ha!

If you don't know this about me, I lived in Brazil for almost 12 years and became "fluent" in Portuguese. (It's still hard to accept that because my Portuguese is not perfect and my strong southern accent butchers a lot of words.) My husband is Brazilian and we speak a lot of Portuguese at home. Spanish and Portuguese are so similar that I managed to speak a few words that Amanda's in-laws could understand. I LOVED it! I loved hearing them speak Spanish to each other. Amanda just lets it roll off her tongue likes it's her first language. 

I'm so thankful that photographs always cross over cultural borders. You don't need to speak Spanish (or any other language) to understand love portrayed in a photograph. Here are some of my favorites from the session.


These boys did such a good job! Big brother was a huge help with the little one. I brought parting gifts for them for having such great attitudes and then captured a few minutes of them enjoying their gifts. I mean, who doesn't love bubbles?

Thank you, Amanda, for entrusting me with such sweet moments with your family!